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Summer Coolers

Summers in Gujarat, the state I grew up,  are those times  of the year when one hardly looks forward to stepping  into the kitchen, the grueling hot weather make the kitchen with all its heat an unbearable place.  At 44 to 45 degree C the kitchens begin to resemble bhatthis (hearth ovens).   Occasions that require cooking elaborate meals  are curtained as much as possible. Any special requests to cook things other than what has already been prepared are deeply detested by the cook/mum. In short summer is the time when cooking becomes more of a pain than pleasure.  It is also the season when we experience  appetite loss  because of the intense heat.  The body keep yearning for cold drinks and beverages rather than a meal.

Through this post we have tried compiling recipes of some nourishing and filling beverages for summer. These drinks will not only quench that thirst for something cold but will also provide the required hydration, cool the body and  meet that need of some light snack or meal. We have also remained loyal to the foods that are available as well as consumed during the season. The drinks  presented here in no way compromise on the taste making it an ideal family experience…..

The recipes are both traditional as well as  contemporary. We shall keep adding the photo receipes as we keep developing new ones.

Enjoy the heat with our Traditional Beverages for Summer…….

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