Kakdi Vadi – stir fried heirloom cucumber with sun-dried lentil dumplings

Kakdi Vadi or Stir Fried Heirloom Cucumber with sun-dried lentil dumplings is the Jain way to fast food. Literally!! Kakdi or the thin cucumber is always an important part or the kachumber that accompanies our everyday meals. It also makes a perfect snack in summers when the appetite keeps asking from something fresh and refreshing. But seldom do we eat it cooked in form of vegetable. The Jains, however always eat cooked Kakdi because their faith prohibits consumption of raw/uncooked foods other than fruits. So technically Jains do not eat salads. Hence to enjoy Kakdi they are required to cook it. Having grown up with lot of Jain friends I always wondered why would they cook things that are so good if eaten raw but when Avani shared these such curious questions were laid to rest. Another popular sweet sour curry they make is with gauva and it tastes best when teamed with fenugreek and bajri flatbread or the Bajri-Methi Thepla. The sweet and sour taste of the guava curry compliments well with the  bitterness of fenugreek in the flatbread. Jains have very interesting take on food and their food needs to be cooked. The common flavour enhancers or vegetable [...]