Aathela Aamla – Indian Gooseberries in brine

Athela Aamla in brine....winter is the time when most homes in my part of India have bottles full of aathela-aamla sitting on their  kitchen counters... those sunshine yellow,  ping-pong ball sized roundels  kids just dunk their hands into the bottle and help themselves with a couple of them. Mothers always recommended having an Aamla after playing or while studying. During the  season when we are prone to cough, cold and flu infections,  Aamla a day is an absolute must...Chavanprash was/is an expensive affair hence we preferred sticking to the basics... this is the most thrifty and lip smacking way to make children enjoy Aamla, a local super food and  store house of so many medicinal properties... To help have you started a bottle of Athela Amla for the season, I thought of doing a blog post because of the requests I rececived to share the recipe. Actually there is no recipe involved here, its just a simple process of soaking Aamla in salted water. On my request, the very dependable Sarika ( my younger brother’s wife, provider of many food videos I share here) shared the video on the process to Aathela Aamla. To begin take a clean glass bottle, [...]