Kesariya Doodh – Saffron Infused Milk

Kesariya Doodh/Saffron infused milk for those festive days and nights when you have either eaten too much or plan to eat too much 😋Isn’t Diwali all about those family get togethers over plates and plates of never ending variety of food!! Gosh, I miss Ahmedabad during Diwali ❤️ Kesariya Doodh reminds me of our mid-night escapes to Manek-Chowk, the street food hub in the walled city of Ahmedabad. In those years as college kids and young professionals we loved bingeing on food the Manek-Chowk eateries served. For few like me the eating marathon ended with a kullad full of warm Kesariya Doodh at Asharfi, our favourite kulfiwala, it was my way of wishing my tummy a Good Night 😉!! I have a habit of having a bowl full of milk as meal. As a teenager it helped me stay full and keep away from snacks. The habit continued till very late in life. I still get in those milk meals mode when I am required to cook for just myself, when just a tall glass of  banana, mango,  chikoo milkshake or Kesar Doodh  makes-up for a meal. Diwali for a Gujarati is a 10 day affair, it begins with Ekadashi/Agiyarash [...]