Jaman walu Karela-Kela nu Shaak – Festive Bitter Gourd and Plantain Veggie

Karela or Bitter Gourd. The mere mention  of this vegetable evokes strong reactions; people either love it or hate it. Period. Personally, the bitter taste  of Karela has never been overpowering, it usually  depends on the way these gourds  are cooked. However, since they are perceived  as an inherently bitter vegetable by most of us, we approach to it with this prejudice rather than admiring its honesty. Infact, these days traits like honesty rarely get appreciated 😔 This recipe of Jaman walu Karela-Kela nu Shaak is the last in series of Jain recipes that my very dear friend, Avani, cooked for me in June of 2018.  The other three recipes could be found here, here and here. The Karela that were peeled to make Karela ni Chaal na Muthiya were used to make this side dish that teams up very well with Aam Ras/mango puree. Karela are made in quite a few ways and the one with jaggery is the most popular version across Gujarat. The traditional ways to get rid of the bitterness is massaging the slices of Karela with salt and squeezing off the released juices. This method hugely mellows down the bitterness of these gourds. Later, at [...]