Kodri no Handvo – Kodo Millet Handvo

Kodri was the word I would here my mum speak while talking about foods of her region. My mother hailed from the very scenic Rajpipla, a town from the tribal belt of Gujarat. The more I explore about the regional Gujarati cuisines and the more I learn about  the amazingly rich food diversity of our state. During a recent trip to the interior tribal region I saw  people their still eating Kodri and dal as a meal. Yes the changing times are rapidly changing our food choices, our kitchens are cooking  homogeneous foods. Pasta, Pizza and street foods  galore not just in restaurants and streets but also on our home menus. But some 3 -4 decades back we ate lot of diverse grains that included Kaang, Kodri, Nagli, Bunty, Bavto apart from Jowar and  Bajra. All of these grains are millets or cereal grains as they are known to be.  While the latter  two  still find their presence on our plates the rest have long been forgotten. This exercise of documenting traditional and  vanishing foods of Gujarat makes me talk to elders to understand what they ate while  growign up and durign their younger days. Mention of Kodri or Kodo [...]