Karela ni Chaal na Muthiya – Bitter Gourd Peel Dumplings

Karela or Bitter Gourd is one vegetable that always attracts extreme opinions, people either like it or hate it there is no  intermediate reaction here!! Infact,  there are few takers for this craggy surfaced,  intensely  bitter yet delectable vegetable!! Nonetheless,  for generations mothers have made sure we eat this vegetable because just like sweet, sour, spicy  a little bit of bitterness in our diets is crucial  for our physical well-being. The usual way of eating it is in form of a dried  veggie/shak and that too coated with sugar or jaggery. The sliced karela is massaged in salt, allowed to rest for a while after which the bitter juices released from karela are squeezed out. The stuffed  karela very rarely make an appearance on our plates because it requires lot of time in cooking and isn't usually appreciated. I fail to recollect when was it that Avani mentioned about this Karela ni Chaal na Muthiya to me. I remember it was last year and I was eagerly waiting for her to make it for me. The way she described the incredible taste of these dumplings certainly required that these be featured here because I haven't heard of such clever use [...]