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Kesariya Doodh – Saffron Infused Milk

Kesariya Doodh/Saffron infused milk for those festive days and nights when you have either eaten too much or plan to eat too much 😋Isn’t Diwali all about those family get togethers over plates and plates of never ending variety of food!! Gosh, I miss Ahmedabad during Diwali ❤️ Kesariya Doodh reminds me of our mid-night escapes to Manek-Chowk, the street food hub in the walled city of Ahmedabad. In those years as college kids and young professionals we loved bingeing on food the Manek-Chowk eateries served. For few like me the eating marathon ended with a kullad full of warm Kesariya Doodh at Asharfi, our favourite kulfiwala, it was my way of wishing my tummy a Good Night 😉!!

I have a habit of having a bowl full of milk as meal. As a teenager it helped me stay full and keep away from snacks. The habit continued till very late in life. I still get in those milk meals mode when I am required to cook for just myself, when just a tall glass of  banana, mango,  chikoo milkshake or Kesar Doodh  makes-up for a meal.

Diwali for a Gujarati is a 10 day affair, it begins with Ekadashi/Agiyarash and ends with Labh Pacham. The day after Diwali is Nutan Varsh or New Year according to Gujarati Vikram Samvat calendar and our greetings always begin with Saal Mubarak. These are also the days when we feast the most; chat, mithai, desserts, natshta and everywhere you look there is food around. And after a day full of bingeing a glass of Kesar Doodh has always helped me keep my system on track.

It is pretty simple to make. Take the 3-4 cups of milk, heat it add desired amount of sugar, a handful of pounded almonds and pistachios, a generous pinch of saffron and powdered green cardamom. Boil the milk until it thickens up and serve warm.

If you like to make a batch of nut and spice mix called Doodh Masala, head over to this post .

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