Coconut milk and Dates Shake

Coconut Milk and Dates shake is a breakfast in a jar or a bowl. The goodness of dates and coconut in a single mix is a good alternate to the regular milk shakes. I have never been a breakfast person. A tall glass of milkshake made with seasonal fruits has always been my breakfast. Chikoo, mango, banana,  frozen strawberries  are my favorite  flavors. Given an alternate, I can live on milkshakes for day. Over the years certain other ingredients have made their way into my milkshakes. I always keep some cooked broken wheat/fada, quinoa or soaked oats in refrigerator and add any of this grains to my morning glass of shake. It makes a feeling breakfast for people who remain in hurry and have the habit of avoiding breakfast.

My journey of mindful eating involves restricting my sugar intake to bare minimum. I have stopped adding sugar to my drinks and food since last 13 years. I have switched to alternate natural sweeteners like fruits, honey , dates etc.  I like adding dates to lot of my foods. In fact dates, yogurt, coconut have come to become my favorites.  The  availability of coconut milk in tetra pack has eased the process of making it at home but if you have a roaring mixer coconut milk is easy to make at home. Coconut milk makes a soothing summer food. It revs up metabolism and has tons of medicinal properties. Most of our southern Indian cuisines extensively use coconut milk and I to have fallen for the sweet and refreshing taste of this dairy free milk. I try making this milkshake at once a week. It has very healthy side effects on my hair, skin, bones, weight…. so why shouldn’t I??

Do give it a try…

Coconut Milk and Dates Shake

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Serves: 4


  • 4 cups Coconut milk, chilled
  • 3/4 cup Khajoor/Dates, washed and deseeded
  • granola chunks
  • pumpkin seeds
  • melon seeds
  • fresh seasonal fruits
  • toasted coconut shreds
  • a pinch of cardamom powder
  • a dash of vanilla extract



Chop the dates. Use the best quality dates you can find. The sweeter and caramely the dates the better this shake will taste.


In an immersion blender or blender jar add the chopped dates and blend to a smooth consistency.


At this point you can strain the shake but I like it the way it is.


Proceed to add the flavor of your choice, vanilla or cardamom or cinnamon anything you fancy or live it just as it is.


If you do not plan to add any of the other suggested ingredients, serve as it is.


Or top with the combinations of your choice.


I like to go with all in one bowl. The Coconut milk and dates shake with granola, some cut fruits of choice. Enjoyed as my breakfast bowl.

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