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Aatheli Kachi Keri – Raw Mangoes in brine

Aatheli Kachi Keri or raw mangoes in brine is a traditional ways of preserving the seasonal raw mangoes for the entire year. Kaachi Keri, as raw mango are called are used in a variety of ways in most Indian cuisines. Chutneys, preserves, relish, pickles, summer drinks, curries there is an unending list of the possibilities of using the raw mangoes when they are in season. In India, especially in the north mangoes make an appearance only during the summers.  The scorching summers  become bearable only  because of mangoes 🙂  Summer is also the season when we make our raw mango pickles. The season and the availability of some of the best quality pickling mangoes helps in preparing pickles that last an entire year. Apart from the pickles,  there was this old tradition of preserving the mangoes in brine so that they could be used when needed after the season was over. The baby mangoes are washed, dried and soaked in salted water with a little turmeric powder added to it. The huge jar is then kept in a nook in the huge storerooms, away from direct sunlight. A little sugar would be sprinkled on the top to keep the mould forming.

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